Rhythm ‘n You Piano Studio
Payment and Attendance Policies
2016 / 2017

Lesson Fees

Tuition is split into two seasons: School and Summer

Students receive thirty-four lessons per school year (including a rehearsal, piano party in the Spring, two other performance opportunities in December and February, and one jam session in March).

Fees are $47.00 per lesson/$1600.00 per school year. Tuition is divided over 10 months and covers lessons between September 11th, 2017 and June 8th, 2018. Monthly tuition is $160.00.

Better Practice App users must add $4.00 to their monthly tuition for the use of the app.

FOR NEW STUDENTS - Enrollment fees are due by the first lesson and include the first month’s tuition and the last month of enrollment in the program.

The 2018 Summer Season runs from June 18th thru August 31st. Students can enroll in up to eight shared or private lessons and/or six workshops. Separate Payment and Attendance Policies will be given out in May.



Monthly payments are automatic and occur on the first of each month. (First fall payment will occur on September 1st, 2017).


Attendance and Missed Lessons

Students are responsible for regular attendance. Students under 16 years of age require a parent to be in attendance.

Missed lessons are not credited, refunded, rescheduled or made-up free of charge. Students may attend, as an active observer, a different level-appropriate lesson the week prior to or the week after their missed lesson, at no extra charge (based on availability). If a student falls behind in their piano homework, a private lesson may be scheduled in order to catch up to the group. Private lessons are $79.00 each.

The studio will be closed Nov 20-24; Dec 25-Jan 5; Mar 19-30; Summer closures will be given in June.
** RnYPS participates in two annual performances: a Holiday sing-a-long and a Valentine fund-raising event.
** RnYPS offers a jam session for students and parents in March.
** RnYPS holds an annual spring rehearsal and piano party in May, which replaces the normally scheduled lesson that week.

If for any reason the studio is closed additional days/weeks, a credit will be applied towards the following month.


Leave of Absence

RnYPS requires a written 30-day notice prior to your final lesson or extended leave of absence.

Due to the monthly fees being prorated, students who do not complete the 10 month cycle and un-enroll anytime between September and June will be required to pay any balance due which will cover the lessons already given.

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These policies are designed to allow the Rhythm ‘n You Piano Studio to smoothly operate in an environment that provides the greatest freedom to share the gift of music and to help students achieve the breakthrough results promised by the Simply Music program. RnYPS reserves the right to terminate enrollment if a student and/or parent is unwilling or unable to adhere to the stated policies, procedures and lesson requirements.

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