Student Praise . . .

 Having Nicole as my Simply Music Maestro has turned the exciting yet daunting prospect of learning the piano at 45 into an utter delight. Simply Music itself is a brilliant method that turns the chore of practice into a joyful playful adventure - the essential ingredients for perseverance, but it is Nicole that awakens the methods potency.

All great teachers have the capacity to create a learning environment that pushes with kindness and pulls with patience, that with her humor and incredible skill at drawing the best out of you whether you are 45 or 14 makes for a genius journey.

 Music causes the brain to light up like a jubilee and so I chose Nicole as my teacher not only for the pleasure of playing but the neuro-protection it provides.  I am very grateful and encourage all to dive in.

- Dr. Birch Storey

• • • • •

"I met Nicole almost 10 years ago when a neurologist recommended her for my husband, John. He was 86 years old and had suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of a fall. The doctor believed piano playing would improve his brain functioning. That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship for all of us.

Nicole is an open, friendly person and John took to her immediately She was endlessly patient with him and always cheerful; they always had a good time, laughing and enjoying the lesson. They played so many hauntingly beautiful and sometimes joyful duets together. She brightened his last years so much.

After John's passing I began taking lessons from Nicole and the experience is absolutely delightful. I do so appreciate her patience with my 83 year old brain. I have trouble retaining the information and she goes over it with me until I get it. Over the years she has always been on time, always cheerful, always very clear with her instruction. She is professional, and even more important to me, always friendly. I so much enjoy our relationship.

So, I know firsthand how good she is with seniors, but I have often seen her with her two charming and delightful little girls and I know that she is outstanding with the little ones as well.

I whole-heartedly recommend Nicole to anyone who would like to learn piano!"

- E. Hanson

• • • • •

"My son has been studying piano at Rhythmín You Piano Studio for over 3 years. I have never heard a single complaint about going to the music lessons from him.

Nicole is educated, knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher. She is passionate about teaching piano. Has a great attitude, making my sonís lessons fun and easy."

- A. Nager

• • • • •

Dear Nicole,

I wanted to take a few minutes to express to you how grateful I am for allowing me the opportunity to make many dreams of mine come true. When I came to you a year ago and asked if you could help me learn how to play the piano, and prepare me with a one year time limit to learn my step moms favorite song “Autumn Leaves” to play on her birthday, you looked at me without a blink and said “Absolutely”. Well, a year has passed, and her birthday arrived, and I played “Autumn Leaves” flawlessly, and made my step mom cry in amazement that I not only play the piano now, but that I learned how to play with the true desire to play this one song for her. I also played HAPPY BDAY TO YOU, as well as about 15 other songs for my 94 year- old wonderful Grandmother and about 12 other elders in her Assisted Living Home, and she looked like that kid from Home Alone who drops his jaw and puts both hands on his face. Anyway, she was confused more than anything at first, because she knew I only played baseball all my life, not piano. She called 8 days in a row and kept reminding me that I was “an unusual young man” to have learned how to play piano in one year, and play as if I’ve been playing for many years. She said “who in the world learns to play an instrument at age 35?” I was amazed how quickly I was able to play, and felt so good bringing life to a piano for the first time I’m my life, I got addicted and couldn’t wait to learn more and play more. I now download music from online and play songs I used to only listen to on the radio and wish I were able to play. Thank you Nicole, and Simply Music, for bringing such joy into my life by making this dream of mine a reality, and the joy I can now bring to the lives of those I love and play for them forever.

Dr. Todd Gewant



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