Student Praise . . .

"My 11 yr old daughter is into her 5th year of Simply Music with Nicole at Rhythm 'n You. When I first heard about the method, the main point being that you don't learn to read music initially, I, being a musician, was skeptical. But we went for a free introductory meeting with Nicole to learn about the program, and I was sold. Yes, a hard core skeptic was converted! And over the 5 years of weekly classes, I've witnessed what a wondrous program this is. Think about the boring, labored, dreaded pedagogy we all went thru with piano lessons as kids...THIS is NOT that!

The students (children and adults alike) walk out of their first lesson with a song in their fingers. And that success creates hunger and excitement for more. My daughter can now play at least 40 songs from memory, ranging from blues to classical. Plus, she has learned the names of every key on the keyboard, and can play all 12 major chords, their minors, 7ths, 9ths, 13ths, augmenteds, dimniished, etc. Which in turn means that she can pick up any piece of music with guitar chords listed and play it fairly well at her first sitting. Talk about a confidence builder!

Recently they've started learning to read rhythms; and soon comes the reading of the music.

The way to think of it: when you are born, you aren't taught "this is a verb, this is a noun, etc" You learn from what you hear, and from patterns in what you hear. LATER you learn the in's and out's and why's. Same with Simply Music...initial learning is from patterns and relying on what you hear. Later, the science of it is brought to light--and makes sense because the student already knows HOW to do it.

Nicole couldn't be a more patient, encouraging, kind teacher. She's very good at teaching to the style of the individual student; she has an innate ability to spot what the student is thinking and getting stuck on and help to work it out. With her large roster of students, I'm surprised at how organized she is at each and every session. She knows exactly where we are and what's next for us, and most importantly, helps my daughter thru the inevitable times when motivation is at a low. Not only is she a good teacher, but she's obviously got great administrative chops as well.

Five years with Nicole, I guess I don't need to say that I whole heartedly endorse the program, and in particular, Nicole at Rhythm 'n You."

- Dana Vanhove

• • • • •

"Nicole is one of the most patient, good-humored and encouraging piano teachers ever. She doesn't mind going over the same material twice or even three times. She gives me the confidence to try to sound out songs or make up new ones. I think Nicole is great!"

- Grace Leone

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"When I first met Nicole, it is music that connected us. Months after, I was seated at her piano bench enjoying myself like a seven year old girl. The Easy Piano method is magic -- it brings me so much joy, I see my repertoire growing each week and I take a particular pleasure when comes the time to rearrange some of the tunes. Nicole is a competent teacher, she guides her students with care and patience. Bright and sharp, she catches the fun out of a situation. I am a vocal teacher myself and already the method empowers me and allows my creativity to pop up more easily. Thank you Nicole for letting me rediscover piano again."

- Virginie Pesch

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Dear Nicole,

I wanted to take a few minutes to express to you how grateful I am for allowing me the opportunity to make many dreams of mine come true. When I came to you a year ago and asked if you could help me learn how to play the piano, and prepare me with a one year time limit to learn my step moms favorite song “Autumn Leaves” to play on her birthday, you looked at me without a blink and said “Absolutely”. Well, a year has passed, and her birthday arrived, and I played “Autumn Leaves” flawlessly, and made my step mom cry in amazement that I not only play the piano now, but that I learned how to play with the true desire to play this one song for her. I also played HAPPY BDAY TO YOU, as well as about 15 other songs for my 94 year- old wonderful Grandmother and about 12 other elders in her Assisted Living Home, and she looked like that kid from Home Alone who drops his jaw and puts both hands on his face. Anyway, she was confused more than anything at first, because she knew I only played baseball all my life, not piano. She called 8 days in a row and kept reminding me that I was “an unusual young man” to have learned how to play piano in one year, and play as if I’ve been playing for many years. She said “who in the world learns to play an instrument at age 35?” I was amazed how quickly I was able to play, and felt so good bringing life to a piano for the first time I’m my life, I got addicted and couldn’t wait to learn more and play more. I now download music from online and play songs I used to only listen to on the radio and wish I were able to play. Thank you Nicole, and Simply Music, for bringing such joy into my life by making this dream of mine a reality, and the joy I can now bring to the lives of those I love and play for them forever.

Dr. Todd Gewant